Durban socialite apologises to victims and families for drunk driving accident

Sifiso Zulu (Photo: Pamela Mkhize for The Witness)

Sifiso Zulu speaking at the KZN Victim-Offender Dialogue in  2012 (Photo: Pamela Mkhize for The Witness)

The Post reports that Durban socialite Sifiso Zulu, who is about to be released on parole, has apologised to the victims and families of the drunk driving accident he was involved in five years ago.

Zulu initially denied his guilt, but later confessed to killing two people while driving  his BMW X5 under the influence of alcohol.

Zulu says he sought forgiveness from the victims’ families, with the help of a Correctional Services chaplain.

In the article, Zulu describes the difficulties he faced in prison, as well as some of the rehabilitation programmes he participated in.

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Meanwhile, The Star reports that the man accused of ploughing into and killing a group of runners in Midrand, Sibusiso Langa, has apologised to the families of the five victims. The 44-year-old engineer also said he wants to apologise to a sixth runner, whose leg was broken in the accident.

Langa faces charges including murder, attempted murder and drunk driving.

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