Prison news from Nigeria, Tanzania, Cuba, Saudi Arabia and more

Overcrowding remains a problem in Africa's prisons. (Photo: News Time Africa )

Overcrowding remains a problem in Africa’s prisons. (Photo: News Time Africa )

Nigeria to use non-custodial options to reduce overcrowding

Nigeria’s Federal Government has announced it will adopt modern non-custodial approaches in order to decongest the country’s prisons. Read more.

Tanzania’s chief judge calls for wider use of alternative sentencing

Chief Judge Faki Jundu has challenged Tanzania’s magistrates to opt for alternative sentences instead of prison time, to reduce overcrowding. Read more.

Cuban prisoners self-harm

Self-harming is said to be common in Cuban prisons, with prisoners injuring themselves in suicide attempts, in an effort to get their cases reviewed, or in the hope of getting released on the grounds of disability. Read more.

 No forced labour in Saudi prisons

The head of prisons in Saudi Arabia has said  there is no forced labour in his country’s correctional facilities. However, he said inmates work 8 hours a day in a factory or workshop so that each prisoner “can engage in an activity that helps him both in the facility and after his release”.  He added that the country has recently set up 120 factories where inmates can work. Read more.

Norway has Europe’s lowest rate of recidivism

At 16%, Norway’s rate of re-offending is the lowest in Europe. Go inside “the world’s nicest prison” with CNN to see what underpins the country’s correctional philosophy. Read more.

Prison company to have its name on US university stadium

The GEO Group, a private prison corporation has donated US$6 million to Florida Atlantic University in exchange for the naming rights to the institution’s stadium. Read more about why this move has unsettled some observers.

Feared Dutch prison turned into hotel

The 105 cells at Holland’s most notorious prison, Het Arresthuis, have been turned into 40 luxury hotel rooms. Read more.


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