Minister Ndebele: Being a correctional official is an honourable and most noble profession

Minister Ndebele has highlighted the fact that the change of terminology from "prison guard" to "correctional official" shows that DCS staff have more than just a custodial function. (Photo: Marianne Pretorius for Times Live)

Minister Ndebele says the change of title from “guard” to “correctional official” shows that DCS staff have more than just a custodial function. (Photo: Marianne Pretorius for Times Live)

Minister highlights role of officers in inmate rehabilitation

Correctional Services Minister Sbu Ndebele has highlighted the important role which correctional officials have to play in the rehabilitation of inmates. In an piece entitled  “A correctional officer can be a beast or saviour ”, published by The New Age ahead of this week’s Human Rights Day celebration, Ndebele reminded readers that the Freedom Charter  states that the aim of imprisonment is re-education and not vengeance. Recalling the fact that his department has declared 2013 the Year of the Correctional Official, the minister said being a correctional officer is a noble profession and that unlawful attacks on inmates by officials would not be tolerated. Read more.

Leeuwkop offenders warn youth against crime

One hundred and twenty Joburg learners from five schools recently visited Leeuwkop Correctional Centre in Bryanston and heard about the difficulties inmates face, according to The New Age. The visit, which was organised by the City of Johannesburg and  supported by Legal Aid South Africa, was aimed at encouraging the youth to think about their rights and responsibilities, as well as the importance of respecting the rule of law. The learners were addressed by offenders held in the juvenile centre and in the ultra-maximum section. The offenders spoke about overcrowding, sharing ablution facilities with other inmates, and the stigma of being a prisoner.  Read more.


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