SA justice news, including the story of a family that fell victim to 3 crimes in one day

Serial escapee Bongani Moyo will probably be in his 90s before he is released. (Photo: News 24)

Serial escapee Bongani Moyo will probably be in his 90s before he is released. (Photo: News 24)

Police work hampered by inadequate resources

Officers at a police station which services a large part of Polokwane say they are demotivated by a lack of resources to do their work. The Sowetan reports that detectives at the Westernburg Police Station in Limpopo have to deal with a lack of vehicles. They also work in cramped conditions in a prefabricated structure which has no telephone lines or computers. The station has a staff complement of 142 officers and is located just 3km from the SAPS provincial headquarters. Responding to staff grievances, Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi says SAPS has not neglected the Westernburg station and is working hard to get resources for it.

Serial escapee sentenced to 62 years

The Pretoria High Court yesterday handed down lengthy sentences to serial escapee Bongani Moyo (30) and accomplice Khumbulani Sibanda (32), who were convicted on 15 charges, including racketeering, bank robbery, and escaping from custody. Times Live reports that Moyo and Sibanda were sentenced to 62 and 55 years respectively. The two admitted to robbing six banks during a six-week period in early 2011, soon after they had escaped from Boksburg prison with the help of warders. Read more.

Family falls victim to 3 separate crimes on one day

Friday 23 March proved to be a horror-day for one Gauteng family, The Star reports.

While fishing in Benoni with his 11-year-old grandson Joshua O’Callaghan, Leigh Acar was robbed of his gun by three youths, who beat him badly before fleeing and firing the gun.

While Joshua tried to get passing vehicles on the N12 to stop to help his injured grandfather, a speeding Mercedes Benz overtook other vehicles using the emergency lane and knocked the boy over, sending him flying into the air. The driver of the Mercedes sped off, leaving the boy for dead.

The boy’s parents, who were in Cape Town attending a wedding, got a call about the two incidents and flew back to Joburg. On their way to the hospital, they stopped at a traffic light  and their car window was broken in a smash-and-grab and the cellphone they were using to get directions to the hospital was stolen.

Joshua suffered a broken leg and bad bruising and will go for trauma counselling. His grandfather is also recovering.


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