Sonke and JDI seeking survivors for documentary on prison rape

Just Detention International and Sonke Gender Justice Network are looking to contact survivors of prisoner rape for a project aimed at increasing awareness about the realities of sexual abuse behind bars. The two organisations will be producing digital stories and a documentary later this year.

Just Detention International logo  Sonke Gender Justice Network logo
 Do you know survivors of prisoner rape who may be interested in participating in a public-awareness project?

 Just Detention International (JDI) and Sonke Gender Justice (Sonke) are in the early stages of a project working with survivors of prisoner rape. The purpose of this effort is to raise public awareness of the realities of rape behind bars and the enormous obstacles facing survivors in the aftermath of an assault. It aims to challenge pervasive stigma and taboos around sex, sexual violence, and HIV in detention, build meaningful support for survivors, and motivate stakeholders to take action against such abuse.

Sonke and JDI will collect first-hand accounts from survivors, through audio and video interviews. Through this project, we will produce digital stories (which will be written and created by the survivors themselves), short biographical documentaries, and a longer-format advocacy documentary.  All survivors participating in the project will be provided with emotional support, ensuring that they feel comfortable and confident sharing their stories. They will also have the opportunity to leave the process at any time, and to remain anonymous.

Have you encountered survivors of rape or other sexual violence that occurred in prison – or in other places of detention (like police holding cells, vans or court cells) in South Africa? Are you in contact with them? If so, would you be prepared and able to refer us to such survivors? We would then discuss with them in detail the project plan, and assess their interest and suitability as participants.

Survivors will receive no payment for participating in this project, but the costs of participation will be covered – including travel, accommodation, workshop costs, and psycho-social support.

 Please contact:

Sasha Gear                                                                         Emily Keehn

Just Detention International                                      Sonke Gender Justice                                  

083 565 7318                                                                       072 225 6041



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