Visitors caught smuggling contraband into Gauteng jails

Smuggling is said to be contributing to insecurity, crime and gangsterism in Gauteng's prisons. (Photo: ENCA)

Smuggling is said to be contributing to insecurity, crime and gangsterism in Gauteng’s prisons. (Photo: ENCA)

Gauteng Correctional Services seizes guns and explosives in visitor areas

The Department of Correctional Services has revealed that it seized guns, explosives, cellphones, SIM cards, Mandrax and cocaine during recent searches at visitor areas in its Gauteng facilities. According to The New Age, regional spokesperson Ofentse Morwane said smuggling by family and friends of inmates contributes to insecurity, crime and gangsterism. He expressed concern about cellphones, saying prisoners use them to intimidate witnesses and to plan escapes. Read more.

Allegations of discrimination in access to DCS promotion opportunities

Ten workers have taken the Department of Correctional Services to the Labour Court over its employment equity plan. The Star reports that the workers believe they were unfairly discriminated against when candidates were being considered for promotion. Freddie Engelbracht, a DCS deputy regional commissioner, told the court on Wednesday that many area commissioners only shortlisted black candidates when it came to filling vacant posts. The trade union Solidarity is also a party in the court action. Read more.

Another vigilante killing in Cape Town

A man who tried to break into a car was beaten and stoned to death by Monwabisi Park residents last Saturday, the Sowetan reports. Eight people have been killed in mob attacks in Cape Town this year. About 80 people were victims of mob justice in Cape Town’s townships last year. The Social Justice Coalition, a NGO, says vigilantism is the result of residents’ deep frustrations with the high crime rate in the townships.

MPs want Civilian Secretariat to monitor police more actively

Parliament’s portfolio committee on police has called on the Civilian Secretariat for Police to make sure that SAPS fixes problems identified by MPs. The New Age reports that a report tabled by the secretariat before the committee reveals that the body intends to prioritise oversight on the implementation of the Domestic Violence Act, the Child Justice Act and the Sexual Offences Act, as well as on policies approved by Minister Nathi Mthethwa. Read more.


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