Prison warder – a stressful and hazardous job

A female warder being beaten by an inmate while she was delivering mail to the prisoners in a  prison in the US state of Georgia in February 2013 (Photo: WRCB TV)

A female warder was beaten by an inmate while delivering mail to the prisoners in a correctional facility in the US state of Georgia in February 2013 (Photo: WRCB TV)

Correctional officer – one of America’s most stressful and hazardous jobs

Prison warder tops the list of occupations with some of the highest nonfatal on-the-job injuries, according to Business Insider.  One Ohio correctional officer talks about how he fears for his life and the lives of his family members. The officer also talks about how colleagues smuggle in smartphones for inmates for $1500, and why he sometimes feels pity for the prisoners. Read more.

Saudi Arabia plans electronic system to improve justice system and reduce overcrowding

The chief of Saudi Arabia’s prisons department has said that overcrowding in his country’s correctional facilities is partly due to a delay in releasing inmates who have completed their sentences, the Arab News reports. The Kingdom is planning to implement an electronic system which connects prison departments with prosecution offices and judiciaries in order to make the process of releasing suspects on bail and sentencing inmates more efficient. Read more.

Queensland attorney general retracts statement on prison rape

Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie claimed in April that rapes did not occur in Queensland jails. But the Sunshine Coast Daily says he has now retracted his statement, after statistics showed there were 15 sexual assaults in the past 10 months. Read more.

California inmates raise money for cancer research

Inmates at Folsom Prison have participated in a relay to raise money for cancer research. According to Fox News, about 540 inmates participated in the event and raised over $14 000. Some of the inmates have personal experience of cancer or have family members or friends who have had the disease. Read more

Inmate work earns millions for Indian jails

The prisons department in the state of Maharashtra has made a lot of money from carpentry, handloom, chemical, metal and leather work done by inmates, according to recently-released figures. The Indian Express reports that the state’s jails have 342 hectare of land under cultivation, with crops like wheat, rice, millets, soya bean, sugarcane and fruits being produced. The issue of inmate labour has come to public attention since the imprisonment of actor Sanjay Dutt for his involvement in serial bomb blasts in 1993. Dutt is believed to have taken up carpentry. Read more.


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