Being late for work pays off for prison warder

ALARM-CLOCK_Durham Radio News

Warder Brandy Boyer’s boss must have been pleased that she was late for work (Photo: Durham Radio News)

US warder late to work, spots escaped convict

Washington State corrections officer Brandy Boyer was 10 minutes late for work two Saturdays ago. Boyer was driving to Larch Corrections Center for her shift when she saw a man wearing prison-issued clothing. She phoned her supervisor, who told her that one inmate was missing. Boyer called 911 and soon 28-year-old David Daniel McElroy, who was serving time for burglary and stolen property possession, was back in custody. Read more.

Released inmate rearrested after contraband found in prison uniform

A 24-year-old woman who was released from Arizona’s Baxter County Jail on May 19th was rearrested the following day after authorities found drugs in her prison uniform. After being released, the woman called the detention centre saying she had forgotten a small container in her prison uniform and wanted to retrieve it. According to the KY3 website, jail staff searched the uniform and found a container with pills and methamphetamine. The woman came to the centre and was rearrested when she identified the container as hers. Read more.

America’s longest-serving death row inmate dies of natural causes

Gary Alvord, the Florida prison inmate who lived on death row longer than anyone else in America (almost 40 years), has died of a brain tumour, the Tampa Bay Times reports. Alvord was convicted on 3 counts of murder and sentenced to death in 1974. Governor Bob Graham signed a death warrant for Alvord on two occasions in the early 1980s, but he was not executed because of his mental condition.  Alvord was apparently plagued by delusions and disordered thoughts which doctors said were due to paranoid schizophrenia and antisocial personality disorder. The law forbids the execution of anyone with such a mental condition. Read more.

Correctional Officer killed girlfriend to avoid child support payments

A New York corrections officer faces a life sentence for shooting his ex-girlfriend dead in an effort to avoid child support payments, prosecutors said in opening statements in a Queens court last week. The New York Post reports that the 20-year Department of Corrections veteran shot the woman once in the chest and eight times in the head. Read more.

Minnesota settles with family of mentally-ill inmate who died in custody

The Minnesota Department of Corrections has agreed to pay a record $400,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by the family of Xavius Scullark-Johnson, a 27-year-old a mentally-ill inmate who died in 2010 after being left alone in his cell while suffering a night-long bout of seizures. The Star Tribune reports that prison medical records showed that the inmate was left on the floor of his cell in urine-soaked clothes overnight and that a nurse turned away an ambulance crew when they were finally called the next morning. Read more. 


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