Guilty verdict in India, 22 murder charges and condoms in prison

Acting prison commissioner appointed

Thomas ‘Tom’ Moyane has reached retirement age and according to the correctional services department’s act, this is the maximum age to serve in this position or as a correctional officer. The department announced Nontsikelelo Jolingana would acting national commissioner of the department. Read more

Prison expansion or rehabilitation?

Judges order U.S. state, which holds 120 000 prisoners in 34 facilities to reduce the prison population by about 8 000. By either finding new prison beds or by releasing inmates that pose the lowest risk to society. Read more

Sheriffs struggle with inmates

Governor Jerry Brown’s plan to ease crowding in state prisons has left county jails struggling with hard core criminals. County sheriffs warn that long-term inmates are more than they can handle. “ Our facilities were never constructed to manage an inmate for longer than a year” said Almeda County Sheriff Greg Ahern. Read more


Four men found guilty of rape

Four men were found guilty of the rape and murder, of a woman on a bus in India. Arguments on sentencing are due to begin on Wednesday and all four could be hanged for the murder conviction, said V.K. Anand, the defence lawyer for one of the accused. Read more

Cellphone linked to murder

Constable Ernest Vuma Mgwambi testified that police recovered a Samsung cellphine from Derrick Fana Mbatha, who brought it from Cash Crusaders. Mgwambi said Cash Crusaders’ records showed that the phone was sold to the shop by Calvin Tjatji. Read more

Ncgobo still acting head

Spokesman Lt-Gen Solomon Makgale told Sapa “ He is still working and acting in his position, he has not left the position”. Chris Ncgobo took over after Richard Mdluli was suspended last year amid charges of fraud and corruption. Read more

Truck driver faces 22 murder charges

Sanele Goodness May, from Swaziland was initially charged with culpable homicide, but the National Prosecuting Authority Spokeswoman Natasha Ramkisson confirmed that the charges had been upgraded to murder. Read more

California state Senate says yes to condoms

Lawmakers are approving a plan to hand out condoms in adult prisons, despite state’s ban on having sex behind bars. Senator Rod Wright says “ a condom is cheaper than treating the disease after they get it”. Read more


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