Inmate represents himself at Supreme Court of Appeal

farouk meyer

The Wits Justice Project started assisting Farouk Meyer in 2010. Meyer alleges he was wrongfully convicted and recently – with no legal training or legal background – represented himself at the Supreme Court of Appeal.

Meyer was sentenced to life in prison for murdering three men during a gang fight in Club 12 Play at Hillfox on the West Rand. Meyer willingly handed in himself and his firearm to police officers the next day, claiming he had fired out of self-defence. The police, however, did not buy his version of events and consequently he has currently served 14 years behind bars, including his pre-trial imprisonment.

The Supreme Court of Appeal has, since Meyer’s appearance, indicated that his life sentence could be reduced by an appeal court to a sentence of 20 to 30 years.

Read this article – ‘The gangster who fought back, with the law’ – by former Wits Justice Project coordinator, Jeremy Gordin, to find out more about Meyer’s story and his journey to representing himself at the Supreme Court of Appeal.

Here are past articles by the Wits Justice Project, tracking Meyer’s path through the criminal justice system since 2010:

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One Response to Inmate represents himself at Supreme Court of Appeal

  1. ryan dooks says:

    In the end ….he still walks away stronger and wise then ever, welcome home farouk it has been a long wait

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