Legal Aid battle


Legal Aid provides free legal services to those that earn less than the National minimum wage or cannot afford a lawyer. Legal Aid services are an important means to promote greater access to justice for poor people. It ensures that the poor are aware of the rules that affect them and learn how to hold the legal system accountable for enforcing them.
Here are the latest Legal Aid news:

Ministry of Justice: Legal aid will still be ‘very generous’
The Ministry of Justice says that funding for legal aid will remain “very generous” even after the planned cuts.

Cuts to criminal legal aid will turn defendants into products
The Law Society agreed to these cuts as the least worst option, preferable to reverse auction tendering or ending defendant choice of law firms.

Legal aid error may have denied justice to Hong Kong’s poor

A recent High Court judgment showed the department had required a case to demonstrate a more than 50% chance of success to qualify for legal aid, rather than a “reasonable chance of success”, as written in the legal aid ordinance.


Legal aid for ordinary folk is lacking in B.C
The majority of people in provincial courts now appear without any lawyers to help them. There are far less services for ordinary people than we had 25 years ago.
Declining crime rates will ‘save £80m a year in legal aid’
Declining crime rates in Britain will deliver savings of more than £80m a year on the government’s criminal legal aid bill without the need of further cuts, according to an economic report commissioned by the Law Society.

A justified moment to make history: Lawyers strike for first time ever to protest legal aid cuts
Streaming out of court in their wigs and gowns-symbols of a legal heritage dating back to the 14th century-lawyers stood shoulder to shoulder in traditional black and white attire, sombrely mourning the death of legal aid.


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