HRW report condemns death at the hands of the police, police keep killing

Kyla Herrmannsen


The South African section of the Human Rights Watch (HRW) world report for 2014 has highlighted rising police brutality as an area of concern. HRW went as far as to issue a warning, noting that human rights are “taking a turn for the worst” in South Africa.

Presenting the report earlier this week in Johannesburg, HRW South Africa Director, Tiseke Kasambala, said: “The use of lethal weapons by police must be considered very carefully. We would also like to see better training of the police, and a swifter response by the government in cases where the police have violated the law, and used excessive force.”

Ironically, the report has been released in a week marred by deaths at the hands of police. Mirroring the killing of striking miners at Marikana in 2012, police have been responsible for a number of deaths during recent service delivery protests.

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