WJP visits Kofifi FM


WJP appeared on Kofifi FM’s breakfast show on Thursday to chat about their upcoming prison show. The new show is about to take shape on Thetha FM in Orange Farm and is going to feature ex-inmates as presenters and be aimed exclusively at prisoners and their families with info and interviews around prisoners’ rights.

WJP wants Kofifi FM involved. The station is in Westbury, on the grounds of Westbury High School, but has the broadcast strength to reach Soweto and Pretoria. They are a young (on air since March 2012) and socially conscious station. When we went to meet operations manager Simon Cotty the meeting was promptly put on air. Why waste a few guys chatting in a room when you can broadcast it to 46 000 listeners (that’s Kofifi’s weekly imprint)? During the on-air chat we found Kofifi FM to be a station thoroughly engaged with their community. Lionel Miles is the veteran morning DJ. He has a shaved head and black, wiry goatee and dedicates one morning show every week to drug addiction because it is such a problem for Kofifi’s listeners. WJP reckons their new prison show will fit snugly into Kofifi’s line-up.

The station is on 97.2 and tweets from @KofifiFM_972.

Also happening in WJP’s radio department:  

Court date postponement package

Deejay Manaleng produced a story for The Wits Justice Show on Thetha FM this week. Her original article on Jabulani Radebe and Mthuli Dube – who both suffered 89 court postponements and were awaiting trial for five years – appeared in the Saturday Star here. The radio piece builds on the story and examines the case with legal advice from Kathleen Hardy of The Centre for Applied Legal Studies.

Manaleng’s story was produced with a mixture of Zulu and English and appeared as part of a show that tackled the frustration and anger of those who are experiencing multiple court postponements. Thami Manaba from Legal Aid came in to the studio to answer questions.

The Wits Justice Show on Thetha FM (100.6) is broadcast every Tuesday at 1.30pm.

Podcast on Alex FM asks: What is hate speech?

This week on the podcast: The Wits Justice Show on Alex FM looks at hate speech and the equality court.

The show asks Alexander township: when can using certain words be a crime? And what exactly is the equality court and how should it be used?

You can hear the full podcast here.

The show was first broadcast as an episode of The Wits Justice Show on Alex FM. The show is on every Tuesday at 6.40pm.


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The Wits Justice Project combines journalism, advocacy, law and education to make the criminal justice system work better for all.

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