America’s longest-serving death-row inmate released

Glenn Ford, shortly after his release from prison. (Source: AP)

Glenn Ford, shortly after his release from prison. (Source: AP)

Kyla Herrmannsen

Glenn Ford, America’s longest-serving death row prisoner, was released yesterday after 30 years behind bars. He was convicted for a murder he did not commit.

New evidence proved what Ford had maintained all along – that he was not present at the scene of the crime nor involved in the murder.

“Glenn Ford is living proof of just how flawed our justice system truly is. We are moved that Mr. Ford, an African-American man convicted by an all-white jury, will be able to leave death row a survivor,” said Amnesty International USA senior campaigner Thenjiwe Tameika McHarris, shortly before Ford’s release.

While America continues to institute the death penalty, despite growing concerns over the lethal medication used, time and time again death-row inmates are proven to be innocent and are finally exonerated. The system is not fool proof by any means.

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