UK: Ford Open Prison staff ‘shortage risks safety’

PRISONS Riot 102674

Palesa Manaleng
According to BBC, the Independent Monitoring Board report for Ford Open Prison- which was torched by inmates on New Years’s day 2011 after staff lost control- found resultant stress on staff has led to an increase in levels of sickness.
The report said there were 150 staff working at the prison in October 2013, down from 160 the year before. Blaming the reduction on “cost cutting”.
The monitoring report said: “The board is very concerned that the level of reduction in staff is likely to have a serious effect on the efficient running of the prison.”
Recently Ford has also been in the news because prisoners – including murderers – have absconded while on day release.

ford prison riot

Jackie Marshall, the local representative for the Prison Officers’ Association said, “Staffing shortfalls will impact upon public safety.”
Prison Service spokeswoman said: “ Concerns around staffing levels have been addressed with prisoner officer levels adjusted to match the operational needs of the establishment
“Sickness absence levels at HMP Ford are significantly lower than for the same period last year, and night staffing levels have since been increased.”

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