Satanism in Jail (and other radio show topics)


The WJP’s new prison show continues today with its blend of high energy presenters and intriguing topics. JJ Mashiane from the South African Prisoners Organisation for Human Rights (SAPOHR) is going to be in the studio at Wits to discuss the problem of inmates getting involved with Satanism while inside.

Presenters Kabelo Keogatile, Vusi Mthombeni and Richard Maphokwane will also look at the pros and cons of anger management courses offered inside jails (and how the courses are often compulsory for inmates trying to qualify for parole).

The new show “Jail Break” is broadcast on Thetha FM (100.6) every Saturday as part of a larger chat show called “Prisoners’ Corner”. It is aimed at inmates and their families.

Read more about the show: here and about the positive response from listeners here.


Also happening in the WJP radio department:

Nomination from the MTN Radio Awards

The MTN Radio Awards has awarded a nomination in the News and Actuality Producer (Campus and Community) category for a story on how creches are being threatened with closure in Orange Farm.

The story first appeared on legal show “Law Focus” (produced by The Wits Radio Academy) and was also aired on The Wits Justice Show on Thetha FM.

The story alerted listeners to the issue of by-laws in townships being used to threaten creches with closure. These are by-laws enforcing better infrastructure and sanitation, which is commendable, but the children don’t always have access to these luxuries at home either so closing the creches isn’t necessarily the answer.

Listen to the nominated story: here.

Listen to the podcast on The Wits Justice Show when we chatted in the studio to a number of crèche owners and community leaders.

Get the full list of nominees for the MTN Radio Awards here.


On the podcast:

We go back to Alex FM (89.1) for a podcast that asks: “What are your rights during an eviction?”

The Wits Justice Show is a weekly radio show on Alex FM (89.1) and Thetha FM (100.6) broadcast in English, Zulu and Sotho. It deals with miscarriages of justice and gives advice on how people can navigate through the justice system in general.

Listen to the show on your rights during an eviction here.

Subscribe to our podcast in iTunes here.


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The Wits Justice Project combines journalism, advocacy, law and education to make the criminal justice system work better for all.

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