Farouk Meyer: wrongly jailed for a triple murder?

farouk pic

Convicted triple murderer, Farouk Meyer, has been released on parole after 14 years behind bars. Originally sentenced to life imprisonment, Meyer was accused of killing three men during a night club brawl in 1999.

Wits Justice Project assisted Meyer over the years to access legal assistance.

Today, The Star published a story about Meyer and the links between his case and the case currently at the center of a worldwide media frenzy, the Oscar Pistorius trial. Both cases revealed grave police bungling of key evidence. In both, ballistic and forensic evidence were pivotal in the state’s attempt to prove premeditated murder.

To read the full story as it appeared in The Star, click here

To read the full story as it appeared online on the IOL website, click here.

To listen to a radio documentary about Farouk Meyer produced by WJP’s radio journalist, Paul McNally, for SABC online click here.

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2 Responses to Farouk Meyer: wrongly jailed for a triple murder?

  1. David says:

    How did prison really rehabilitate people like ex cons as Farouk Meyer to come out and commit crimes that can take the lives of innocent people waving guns around like they want to. They remain behind bars so people like Senzo Meyiwa should be alive today.Paroullies do crime and still get free bail or the case get’s thrown out of court to go and murder more people out there.The justice system sucks in south africa

  2. Joseph says:

    Do people really change after serving there time behind bars

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