WJP Mangaung Prison torture investigation featured in Stop G4S report

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Stop G4S, a lobby group that is “opposed to G4S and its various unlawful activities and human rights abuses”, has featured Wits Justice Project senior journalist, Ruth Hopkins’ expose on torture at G4S run Mangaung prison in their recent ‘Briefing for Trade Unionists’. The report which labels G4S as a “serial human rights abuser” details incidences of G4S malpractice occurring around the world.

The report touches on stories such as the death of Jimmy Mubenga in detention, G4S’ controversial involvement in the Gaza Strip detention centres and inhumane living conditions in G4S-run ‘asylum housing’.

In explaining the need for the report, Stop G4S have said: “Trade unionists have every reason to challenge G4S as it tramples over public services and union policies. We oppose privatisation, confront racism, and support effective international solidarity, similar to the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions which helped to end the apartheid regime in South Africa.”

Read the Stop G4S report here

Read the original expose – ‘Mangaung prison is a private hell’ – by Ruth Hopkins 

Read the Department of Correctional Service’s response to the article – the expose prompted Minister of Correctional Services, Sibusiso Ndebele, to say that privatisation of prisons in South Africa (currently there are two privately run prisons) has ‘failed’


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