Ghana:Lawyer Urges Prisoners To Sue The State


According to, A private practitioner, Professor Ken Attafuah has advised inmates at various prisons in the country to sue the state for dehumanizing conditions they are subjected to.
It was revealed that about 700 inmates crammed at the facility queue to attend nature’s call in three water closets, which had water hardly running through them. Communicable diseases such as tuberculosis and chicken pox were a common sight at the place.
Sharing his thought on how to improve the prison conditions on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, Tuesday, Prof Ken Attafuah mentioned that the appalling conditions violated not only the inmates’ dignity but their human dignity as a whole.
He cited several home grown and international provisions, like Article 15 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Right, which frown on the kind of conditions at the country’s prisons.


In condemning successive governments’ piecemeal approach to dealing with the deplorable conditions, Prof. Attafuah, who is Acting Dean of Central University Law School told inmates, “you can sue the republic for subjecting you to such conditions…the Supreme Court upheld in case after case, that, socio-economic rights were justifiable and that you could sue (but) the attitude of the court is another matter.”

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