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Possible new Anene Booysen attack witness found

Four potential witnesses not interviewed at the time of the original investigation might provide new insight in to the rape and murder of young teenage girl, Anene Booysen. The potential witnesses were found by private investigators hired by the man who has been convicted for Booysen’s death, Johannes Kana.


Trial that’s more important than Pistorius

GroundUp have been investigating a murder case that is running parallel to Pistorius’ case – the trial of Angy Peter and Isaac Mbadu.

“The State alleges that Peter and Mbadu, a married couple, and two other men, kidnapped du Preez, beat him and then ‘necklaced’ (placing a tyre around a person’s body and setting it alight) him. The State further alleges that du Preez gave a ‘dying declaration’, telling police that Peter and Mbadu were responsible”

“Peter and Mbadu say that they are innocent of all charges and played no part in du Preez’s death. They maintain that they are being maliciously prosecuted and framed because they exposed a corrupt South African Police Service (SAPS) officer”


Argentine Jail violated rights of prisoners with disabilities

A UN panel has found that Argentine prison officials have failed to ensure inmates with disabilities are able to use prison facilities on an equal basis with other able-bodied inmates.


Give us ID’s or postpone elections, say prisoners

Inmates in South Africa appeared in court today, arguing that the financial cost of new Identitiy documents is an unfair financial burden that will curb their involvement in the upcoming national elections. They have threatened that if they are not granted free identity documents they will file an urgent application to have the date of the upcoming elections moved to a future date when all prisoners will have ID booklets.


Prison officer attacks rose 45% in 2 years

In the United Kingdom in 2012, a total of 543 assaults on prison officers were referred to the police – up from 374 in 2010.


Jury awards $36 million to two mean wrongfully convicted of murder

Two men spent 18 years behind bars for the murder of a young woman but, new DNA evidence has exonerated the men, finding that another unknown assailant had committed the crime. It was found that the original detectives in the case had fabricated hair evidence and hid further key evidence from prosecutors.


India’s Policing disorder

An OpenSecurity piece examining the continued legacy of police corruption in India


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