How do you control your anger in jail?

The podcast version of our prison show “Jail Break” continues this week. In this episode presenters Kabelo Keogatile and Vusi Mthombeni take a look at the compulsory anger management courses in prison. They are often necessary for an inmate to take for parole to be granted, but are they helpful? How do inmates manage their anger in jail otherwise? And what about the need for counselling once they are released?

To answer these questions in the studio we talk to JJ Mashiane from the South African Prisoners Organisation for Human Rights (SAPOHR) and Mohlolo Kgopane from The Justice Inspectorate.

For “Jail Break” WJP has partnered with community radio station Thetha FM in Orange Farm to develop a show aimed at inmates and their families.

From Thetha FM the show reaches five correctional facilities: Groenpunt, Vereeniging, Sasolburg, Heilbron and Krugersdorp. The show is broadcast in a mixture of Zulu, Sotho and English.

A new podcast is online every Friday on iTunes and Soundcloud.


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The Wits Justice Project combines journalism, advocacy, law and education to make the criminal justice system work better for all.

One Response to How do you control your anger in jail?

  1. Fusi Mofokeng says:


    I went to prison myself for nearly two decades there, I think it is very crucial for prison inmates to partake in programmes aimed at their behavior change change, particularly anger management programme because it is where most of the inmates become aware about their anger problems, at times you’ll find that the inmates are not even aware that they are living with anger within themselves and as soon as it explodes that create a very difficult situation to other inmates including the prison authorities, I fully agree that it should be compulsary for inmates to participate in these programmes.

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