Anthology of the Justice for Breakfast Roundtable Debates 2012 and 2013

j for b coverThe Wits Justice Project has recently released our latest booklet, an ‘Anthology of the Justice for Breakfast Roundtable Debates 2012 and 2013’. The booklet details four Justice for Breakfast events – events co-hosted by Wits Justice Project and Wits P&DM Crime, Policing and Criminal Justice Programme – expanding on the themes of the discussions.

The four areas of discussion are: bail and remand detention, community paralegals in South Africa, oversight bodies in the criminal justice system as well as administrative inefficiency in the criminal justice system.

These topics are explored with a concept note, a look at the actual discussion points that were raised at each breakfast roundtable as well as an outcomes document from each event. Each topic is also thoroughly explained with background contextual research and made more relatable through examples of Wits Justice Project published journalistic articles.

Read the full booklet here


A foreword by Professor Thomas Mogale

Head of School, Graduate School of Public and Development Management,

Acting Dean of Faculty – Commerce, Law and Management

“Justice is one pillar upon which our democracy rests. The extent to which inhabitants of the country have equal access to justice is a telling manifestation of the strength of South Africa’s democracy. Over the past 20 years significant strides have been made to build and strengthen justice and people’s access to it.

The complex transformation of the justice system, the restructuring thereof to enable greater access has encountered challenges. It is here that civil society and academia play an important role in both working as partners to seek and create solutions to systemic problems that prevail and also holding actors in the justice system to account.

To this end the Wits Graduate School for Public and Development Management’s programme on Crime, Policing and Criminal Justice and the Wits Justice Project have hosted the Justice for Breakfast roundtables.

These Breakfasts are designed to highlight the challenges and, together with experts from government, professional bodies and civil society, seek solutions.

The events have provided a safe space for committed parties to work through the critical issues of bail and remand custody; the use of paralegals as a viable option to increase access to justice; the human costs of administrative errors in the system; and the challenges facing effective oversight of the actors in the criminal justice system. Together these tell a story of committed officials, constrained resources, poorly-structured responses and human rights abuses.

As the problems loom large, the need for interactions provided by Justice for Breakfast become pivotal in bringing issues to light and finding our way through to the solutions that will bolster a democracy that is centred on serving people and justice.

We invite you to review the inroads being made in the pages that follow and anticipate that they will provide insight into the deliberations and solutions.”


About witsjusticeproject
The Wits Justice Project combines journalism, advocacy, law and education to make the criminal justice system work better for all.

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