The measure of a nation: St Albans, the shame of South Africa’s prisons









Wits Justice Project Senior Journalist, Carolyn Raphaely, has been following the prison-wide orgy of mass-beatings, torture and assaults, involving 200 inmates of Port Elizabeth’s St Albans prison. As the matter proceeded to Port Elizabeth High Court, Raphaely’s latest article tells the tale of senseless human suffering.
A former St. Albans prison cleaner Ahmed Patel who was forced to scrape human skin off the walls and clean faeces and blood from the prison passages, told the court what he saw.
“I saw naked prisoners lying on the floor, head in butt, head in butt. A male lying down with his legs slightly apart for the guy behind’s face to go into his arse…” In another area of the prison, he told the court he witnessed “something like a hurricane flew through that passage…You can see the people have been severely beaten, because you get prison clothes, not only their uniform, the pants and the shirt, the underwear also, were lying all over in the passages, clothing full of shit, full of blood, full of any liquid that is possible to come out of a person’s body; it was there……” Continue reading here


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