Symposium on the Prevention of Torture

The Wits Justice Project will hold a two-day (Thursday 28 and Friday 29 August) symposium on the prevention of torture, at the Wits University Chalsty Centre. With confirmed attendance by:

  • the MTorture Symposiuminister of Justice and Correctional Services, Honourable Michael Masutha,
  • Chairman of the UN Committee on the Prevention of Torture, Professor Malcolm Evans
  • Member of the UN Committee for Human Rights, Dr Zonke Majodina
  • Commissioners of the SA Human Rights Commission, Commissioner Danny Titus and Commissioner Mohammed Ameermia
  • Members of civil society, academics, legal experts, human rights activists and survivors and witnesses of torture.



On 30th July 2013 the Prevention and Combating of Torture of Persons Bill was signed into law by the President of South Africa, making torture a criminal act. It has taken more than ten years from the time of South Africa’s ratification of the UN Convention Against Torture (UNCAT) for its provisions to be domesticated, and the country must now address the development of a National Preventative Mechanism, and consider the ratification of the Optional Protocol. The two-day symposium aims to facilitate high-level discussions and reflections on :

  1. The first year of the “torture bill”: different perspectives from the authorities, civil society and expert. To include topics on:
    • achievements of the first year
    • the dissemination and training that is needed, for all actors and officials in the criminal justice system
    • awareness raising for the public
    • needed policy environment
  2. The necessary next steps needed for the ratification of the optional protocol of the Convention Against Torture (OPCAT) and implementation of a national preventative mechanism.

To view the the event’s programme, click here: FINAL Programme Torture Symposium 28-29 August 2014.

This Torture Prevention Symposium has been made possible by a generous grant from the Claude Leon Foundation. The Wits Justice Project would be unable to continue its work without the unstinting support from its other funders: the Raith Foundation, Open Society Foundation for South Africa, Canon Collins Educational and Legal Assistance Trust and the Joffe Charitable Trust.
























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The Wits Justice Project combines journalism, advocacy, law and education to make the criminal justice system work better for all.

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