Police are the new criminals to fear


Eva Hoossen and son, Noor (Photo: Koko Bassey)

“They assaulted me in the car,” Noor explained in his mother’s tiny flat. When they arrived at the Sophiatown police station, Noor was taken to a police cell where another man was already handcuffed. The officers cuffed Noor’s hands and feet and made both men lie on their stomach. “The JMPD officer told the SAPS officers that I had stolen R29 000 and 10 rounds of ammunition from his house. Then they all go very excited.”

Noor said the police took out their pistols and told them: “Julle gaan sien, julle tsotsies (you will see, you thugs). This is the new Sophiatown.” They pushed the other to the floor and pulled his handcuffed arms up behind his back, then they kicked him in the lower back. A plastic bag was pulled over his head, which they tightened with a seatbelt.

“They told me to ‘watch this’. They said we both had to speak the truth and that I would be next. It was live theatre for them,” said Noor.

Read senior journalist, Ruth Hopkin’s article on gruesome acts of police brutality, printed by the Saturday Star, here. The story reveals gross violations of human rights, disregard and disrespect of the law by those entrusted to uphold the law, and high levels of impunity within the SAPS.



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