Bringing back accountability: How prison torture underlines SA’s crisis of leadership

Carolyn Raphaely St Albans Accountability DM


“While torture and solitary confinement were routine procedures for political prisoners in the past, the fact that torture at the hands of SA State officials and gross abuse of power behind bars is still the subject of judicial inquiry in 2015 is a shameful wake-up call.

Whichever way the St Albans case pans out, it illustrates the critical importance of effective, ethical leadership and the need for the culture of impunity prevalent in SA’s correctional facilities, and in Parliament, to be dealt with urgently and immediately…”

Carolyn Raphaely – senior journalist at the Wits Justice Project – has been following the case of mass-beatings, torture, rape and brutal assaults involving over 200 inmates incarcerated at St Alban’s prison in Port Elizabeth. In her recent article, she argues that lack of accountability for human rights abuses inflicted by DCS officials on inmates underlines South Africa’s crisis of leadership. Read the article as it appeared on the Daily Maverick, here


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