Issues Plaguing the American Juvenile Justice System

“The state of the juvenile correction system in America is dreadfully lacking in effectiveness and is increasing in population year-over-year. The US has the highest youth incarceration rate in the world with 336 juvenile incarcerations per 100,000 youth – nearly five times as many as the second highest country.

• Only 12% of America’s youth is incarcerated after committing violent crimes. Most commit misdemeanors land them in residential facilities.
• New York in 2007 incarcerated 53% of youth convicted of misdemeanor offenses.
• Florida in 2008-2009 incarcerated 58% of youth convicted of misdemeanors.”

Check out the infographic  below created by Boston University’s Master of Criminal Justice Online program to learn more about the significant issues of racial inequality within the juvenile justice system in the US.

The infographic originally appeared here

Further readings

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