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Stun grenades fired at protesting Cape Town students

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Pupils from Philippi High School running from stun grenades that police used to disperse protesting students. Photo by Daneel Knoetze from Ground Up

On March 6, a protest by students in the Western Cape over the lack of infrastructure and classrooms at their school was violently dispersed by police with stun grenades.

According to Ground Up the police officers asked pupils to disperse but the students said all they wanted was to be heard. Police then threw stun grenades at the students, some of whom were sitting on the pavement.

According to GroundUp:

Among them was the limping figure of Bunzi Akhona, a schoolgirl whose tracksuit bottoms has been ripped open by the force of a stun grenade explosion. She told Ground Up that she was seated in the front line, and that the first grenade landed in her lap.

To read full article please follow this link:

Police use stun grenades; injure and disperse marching Philippi students, Ground UP, 6 March 2015

To watch the video of the protest follow this link:

WATCH: Stun grenades fired at protesting Cape Town learners, News24, 6 March 2015


Mpumalanga cop in hot water after ‘accidentally’ punching his new boss

Police constable is in ‘hot water’ after allegedly getting into a fist fight with the newly appointed Mpumalanga police commissioner, according to a Times Live article on 10 March 2015.

The newly appointed police commissioner for Mpumalanga province, Lt-Gen Mark Magadlela, was conducting a surprise visit to police stations in order to tackle corruption and deal with discipline in the police force.

Seeing a child sitting in a police van (against regulations), he approached the vehicle and saw that the driver was not there. He took the keys, just as the officer was returning to the car. Not realizing that the man taking the keys was his new boss, the officer tussled with the “thief” and fisticuffs were exchanged. On returning to the station to report the matter, the officer found that the “thief” was, in fact, the new commissioner.

An internal investigation has been launched.

To read full article follow this link:

Mpumalanga cop in hot water after ‘accidentally’ punching his new boss, Times Live, 10 March 2015


Police brutality claim goes viral on social media

The daughter of South Africa’s ambassador to Tunisia, Thandiswa Losi, was locked up for trying to video the police officers in Sunnyside assaulting a girl.

According to The Citizen, Losi claimed she was arrested when she was filming the assault of another girl.  She says that police officers noticed her filming, took her phone, slapped her and dragged her to a police van. Losi also accuses the police officers of verbally abusing her in the holding cells after Losi refused to unlock her phone so they could see what was recorded.

Losi took to Twitter and tweeted that she “witnessed police horrifically drag a girl by the neck, assaulting her”. She tweeted again saying: “I tried to record this, a police officer took my phone, hit me and arrested me”.

To read full article follow this link:

Police brutality claim goes viral on social media, The Citizen, 8 Mar 2015

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Police brutality ‘victim’ distrusts the SAPS, The Citizen, 9 Mar 2015





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