Private security industry under fire

SECURITY-20GUARDS“In South Africa, the industry is mushrooming; there are about 450 000 private security guards, nearly twice the number of police officers and soldiers combined. Increasingly, private security guards are involved in maintaining and upholding the criminal justice system.

The biggest security provider in the world, G4S, for example, employs about 16 000 people in South Africa. One of its main operations is a private prison in Bloemfontein.

In 2013, the Wits Justice Project revealed that G4S wardens were allegedly electroshocking inmates routinely, forcibly injecting them with antipsychotic drugs and holding them in isolation cells for up to four years. The department of correctional services announced an investigation into the allegations in November 2013, but their report is yet to be released. G4S has not dismissed or suspended any of its staff.”

Read senior journalist -Ruth Hopkins’- latest piece on the booming private security industry in South Africa as it appeared in City Press, here.

Additionally, listen to Hopkins and former inmate, Tebogo Meje, shed light on the cruel practice of solitary confinement and gross violation of human rights at Mangaung prison, here.

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