Mangaung prison inmate ‘tortured to death’

Manguang Correctional

“On a cold winter day in 2005, inmate Isaac Nelani asked wardens at Mangaung prison, run by British security firm G4S, for an extra blanket to keep him warm. The prison walls emitted a chill that crept into his joints and bones. Nelani, a 47-year old inmate at Mangaung prison, was HIV-positive, which made him more susceptible to the cold.

Other than his insistence on an extra blanket that day, not much else is known about Nelani. Inmates who spoke to the Wits Justice Project (WJP), say he was a gentle guy, others claim he was emotionally unstable. Why he had been placed in a cell in Mangaung’s notorious “Broadway” isolation section remains unknown. Nelani himself is no longer around to connect the dots, because he died under suspicious circumstances on that cold day, May 18 2005. G4S officials registered the death as suicide in their internal records, which the WJP has in its possession.”

So what happened in “Broadway” on that fateful day, May 18 2005?

Read, Ruth Hopkins’ – WJP senior journalist – latest piece on the deaths of two inmates at Mangaung Correctional Centre, as it was published in the Mail & Guardian today, here. A PDF version is available to download, here.

Read the Canadian news site – Facts&Opinions’ – coverage of the story, here.

Additionally, listen to Hopkins and former inmate, Tebogo Meje, shed light on the cruel practice of solitary confinement and gross violation of human rights at Mangaung prison, here.

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