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Know Your Rights Guide – English Version

Know Your Rights Guide – Zulu Version

It Could Be You Talk Show Booklet May 2012

Remand Detention in South Africa

Investigating the System – Legal Journalist of the year 2011 and 2012: Webber Wentzel Award Booklet

CJS Problems and Solutions mind map

Bail Roundtable Outcomes Report

Bail and Remand research report 2012

Alternatives to Remand Detention in South Africa Presentation at Minister’s Colloquium

PILG Health and Vulnerable Populations Panel Health Mgt in Police Custody and in Remand

Justice for Breakfast Oversight Bodies Outcome Document

DJF submission JICS and DCS annual reports 2012/2013

Wits Justice Project Submission to Correctional Services Portfolio Committee on JICS and DCS 2013 Annual Report

Prisons minister pins hopes on poetry

Prison overcrowding not just due to effective NPA

G4S accused of holding South African prisoners in isolation illegally

Denying paraplegic bail is ‘torture’

Apartheid tactics stand the test of time

DNA can be used for both exonerations and convictions

In the belly of the beast

How can we espace prison overcrowding?


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