Gerri picGeraldine Moodley

Geraldine Moodley is the Director of the Wits Justice Project, having joined the team in 2016. She has a diverse background which spans three continents and over 15 years of experience in NGO operations, programme management, campaigns and advocacy work. Previously, Geraldine worked in the Directorate at the operational centre of Medecins Sans Frontieres Holland (MSF), assisted with the launch of MSF South Africa office, launched a campaign with ECPAT on child trafficking, and was the Regional Representative for The Australian Red Cross operations in Southern Africa. Geraldine was also the operations manager for Nelson Mandela’s 46664 Campaign, integrating donor funding with programmes and grantees. Geraldine is a lawyer, trained in Public International law including Human Rights and humanitarian law, and is passionate about making a tangible change to the lives of others through advocacy on human rights issues, access to justice and reform initiatives.


Carolyn Raphaely

Carolyn Raphaely is a senior journalist at the Wits Justice Project. Carolyn’s professional career and personal interests have always been informed by an insatiable curiosity and a desire to improve the way we live. With a psychology and drama degree, a Masters in City and Regional Planning, stints as associate editor of the Financial Mail, features editor of Finance Week, Johannesburg bureau chief of Cosmopolitan magazine and communications manager of Conservation Corporation Africa under her belt, she brings a maverick approach to the Wits Justice Project.  Raphaely cut her journalistic teeth exposing the pitiful conditions experienced by migrant workers living in employer-provided housing in the Western Cape.  Subsequently, she’s written extensively about socio-political, human rights and lifestyle issues, housing, business and the environment. She’s also written about travel, décor, design and architecture as a freelancer and spent lengthy periods in some of Africa’s most wild and wonderful places. Right now, she’s obsessed with righting wrongs in SA’s justice system by drawing attention to the mostly ignored plight of people behind bars.  Carolyn was named print Legal Journalist of the Year by Webber Wentzel in 2011 and runner up in 2012 and 2015. She was Standard Bank Sikuvile Journalism Award finalist in 2013 and 2014.


Ruth Hopkins

Ruth Hopkins is a senior journalist with the Wits Justice Project. Ruth wrote a book on trafficking in women in/to Europe, which was published in 2005 (Ik laat je nooit meer gaan, I will never let you go again), based on five years of research in Albania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and the Netherlands. In addition to her journalistic work, Ruth set up and taught a human rights course at a journalism college in the Netherlands. She is currently finishing her first novel about ‘Magdalene women’ who were incarcerated in convents in Ireland because they were perceived as a ‘moral danger to society’. Ruth was named print Legal Journalist of the Year by Webber Wentzel 2011 – 2014.


IMG_6595Simoniah Mashangoane

Simonia Mashangoane is the programme officer at the Wits Justice Project. She has over 8 years civil society experience doing, monitoring and evaluation, research, advocacy and programme coordination at community and national level. She began her career as a part-time research assistant in various community development projects, which is where her passion for human rights work was born. She has worked for a number of social movements in South Africa advocating for access to health care services. Simonia hopes to merge her passion for citizen participation and state accountability with her studies in Economics and Development.


CLThomas_150725_6166Marché Arends

Marché Arends is a journalism intern at the Wits Justice Project. She holds a BA in Print Journalism Production from the University of Cape Town and a postgrad in Creative Writing Programme from Wits. She spent three years living in Southeast Asia where she worked with community-based organisations, humanitarian NGOs and freelanced as a travel journalist. Marché is passionate about using the written word as a tool for positive social change, and has a particular interest in marrying the worlds of journalism and human rights. She hopes to hone her investigative reporting skills during her time at the WJP.





Keletso Motene

Keletso Motene is a legal assistant at the Wits Justice Project. She completed her LLB Degree at North-West University in 2015 and is currently pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in Law at the University of The Witwatersrand (Wits). Prior to joining the WJP Keletso served as the Public Relations Director for Golden Key International Honour Society and is now also a member of the Students for Law and Social Justice (SLSJ), Wits Chapter. During her time at the WJP Keletso hopes to engage in advocacy to gain insight on critical issues facing the South African criminal justice system.



18 Responses to About

  1. Jabulani Freddy Sewela says:

    I am awaiting trial for 18months for fraud at the Johannesburg prison. I was denied bail by the high court because I have a pending case since 2004. The delay was caused by the state. I then took the matter to the constitutional court in Dec. 2010, my advocate who understood the case and drew heads of arguments was denied the chance to argue my case. He was told tellephonicaly while driving to Bloemfontein that there was conflict of interest and so, he could not argue my case. He was told he is a potential witness. My istructing attorney was then forced to argue my case without any preparation and bail was denied once again. I wish to approach the constitutional court and need help and advice. I will be very gratefull if I could obtain help.

  2. Loved the piece by Carolyn Raphaely on the awaiting trialists at Johannesburg Prison. She really captured the sense of hopelessness. Brilliant piece of journalism.

  3. vuyisile says:

    I’m an exconvict who was a victim of injustice please email me your address so that i can speedily courrier somethings.thnx in advance.

  4. Hi Vuyisile, Our address is Wits Justice Project, Private Bag X3 Wits 2050, Johannesburg

  5. malebo says:

    I need your email adress pls I’m a victim of unlawful arrest which let me to losing my job my case has been Provisionarly withdrawn since early January 2011.

  6. K.M. de Klerk says:

    I have been the victim of malicious prosecution and unlawful had my bail revoked twice and spent altogether 5 nights in the Thohoyandou Police Station holding cells and 8 hours in the Matatshe Correctional facility in the awaiting trial prisoners section. The Magistate in this case has since been arrested & charged with corruption for taking bribes to influence the out come of court cases ,He was also arrested for conspiracy but the charges have been temporarly been withdrawn. My case is which started in August 2006 is still on going[sub judice] because of on going high court appliacations etc .
    Please do not hesitate to contact for any further information

  7. Kristen says:


  8. muzi says:

    pls investigate racism,whites are still favoured blacks are denied bail.allen simpson is too personal he uses the state to achieve his apartheid agendas towards blacks.

    • Sub judice Anonymous says:

      Racial bias is working both ways in the [il] legal system, I would like to here from people that have been affected by “corrupt magistrates and prosecutors” who have been taking bribes and giving bribes to influence cases to enhance their careers .and C.V.s This is all to gain promotions etc.

  9. Jappie william smith says:

    ATT . Adv. Carolyn Raphaely

    Unprofessional Behaviour Justice delayed is justice denied

    I the above mentioned detainee a waiting trial an complaining to the proceedings of my case no :17/1248/2008 held in court 29 in the Bloemfontein Regional Magistrate court

    1st, I complained about the magistrate after the ordinance led witness on how to testify and the magistrate of court 29 P.W. Darocha, Boltney did nothing . Then i consulted my represantative Mr H.J. Kleyhans and briefed me that its nothing to worry about. So i wrote to the chief magristrate Mr. K.M lalbahadur ref :1/4/18
    2nd : It about how i was misunderstood each other by not consulting with me on decisions, He made alone that my case must be in camera. Them we parted ways. The second lawyer Mr P.S Myburch ref: am obbes /tumi/121/10. On the 18-01-2010 a new witness was called to testify and i questioned how can the (witness) testify without a statement and we disagreed with a lawyer as i wanten the statement, and he fired him, and the statement was taken on 6-8-2010 the 3rd lawyer Mr Kleyhans together with the prosecutor we are playing delay tactics as in 23 Aug 4 was in court witness no i did testify on my behalf. Johannes Davids, then vanessa Lucas.They all testified, so as the court was about to remand the case, I instructed my lawyer to organise those two people the complainant is talking about and that they took her home. I asked that they must be summoned to appear on 28-09-2012. Instead they called Vanessa Lucas. On that date on 28-09-2012 I requested for a bail with new facts and the court said actualy the magistrate, the prosecutor and the lawyer promised that on the 12-10-2012 the arrangements have been made for may bail appletion and on that date i came back with the requisition letter on my warrant. On that date i went to court with (707 jappie smith prison no:208224889 and i was to appear in court 19 them i was suprised i was not called to the court and i met with the official who escorts court 29 people, I asked about who drafted the requisition for me to appear and i was informed that the controller prosecutor Mr Mkhiva but only to find out that not even one of them has an idea who was in charge of the requisition. All i want to say it that the court itself has failed me under circumstances.

  10. mandy mogotsi says:

    do you think we can have a weekly update of what you guys are doing, cases you guys are handling. The media is no longer reliable to help with cases as those with money are able to buy them, been there believe me!! you guys are a beacon of hope, you just need to have more branches around south africa as not all south africans can reach you. wishing you all the strength. Mandy Mogotsi

  11. Sekunda says:

    I have a brother who is in Jhb prison for theft allegation he is in awating for three yrs now every time he goes to court the give him remand for an interpetor for the witness i dn’t know whn wl those remand end pls help

  12. Tumelo Raymond Nyembe says:

    I request your help and I have all the document u can need as prove or evidence

  13. JM Modisane says:

    I was convicted wrongfully and sentenced 18 days imprisonment or R180 fine. That affected my life because for the past 10 years I could’nt get a proper job, learnership, bursary, public driver permit, anything to make my life better because my name reflect possitive in Criminal Record Centre of South African Police, My 6months son also affected by this situation because I can not support him financially, I’m still unemployed nd no one want to hire me.
    Previously I try to get help about this matter, I contact Legal Aid South Africa and NPA and they told me that my matter was finalised by court many years ago and the is nothing can be done, I also emailed Human Right of SA and the office of President and no respond yet.
    I’m a victim of Justice of South Africa and I have no right in my own country.
    Please help me to gain a better life.

    • Hi JM,

      You can email us on JusticeProject.Journalism@wits.ac.za mailto:JusticeProject.Journalism@wits.ac.za or you can send a letter to:
      Wits Justice Project
      Private Bag x 3

    • Miss Modisane u must apply for presidential pardon other than waiting for ten years.It was published in this years drum magazine that u can expunge your record and find a job that or apply for pardon which only takes 2 years than ten years.Being denied a job because of your record i think its discrimination serious .I think people who committed minor offences musnt be denied jobs BUT MUST LOOK AT A PERSONS BEHAVIOUR

  14. Eileen Rudman says:

    Good afternoon Robyn, your article dtd. 19.10.2014 in The Independent was truly well written.
    Regards, Eileem

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