Please call us first on this number, it is our office switchboard (and that  of the Wits Journalism Department): 011 717 4028. 


Wits Justice Project:

Project Coordinator: Geraldine Moodley (, 011 717 4077

Senior Journalist: Carolyn Raphaely (, 011 717 4684

Senior Journalist: Ruth Hopkins (, 011 717 4087

Programme Officer: Simoniah Mashangoane (, 011 717 4253

Journalism Intern: Marché Arends  (, 011 717 4096

Legal Assistant: Keletso Motene (, 011 717 4089


9 Responses to Contact

  1. Fusi Mofokeng says:

    Thank you WJP for being there for us untill our freedom is realised after nineteen years of wrongful imprisonment,your work is really appreciated,keep up the good work.

    Fusi Simon Mofokeng

    • Inspired..:) says:

      Your Story is so inspirational Fusi, Good Luck to you on obtaining freedom , I have lost all faith in the justice system after my Husband was wrongfully accused, Your story has instilled some Hope in me…

    • Morning Fusi. I share your frustrations. When you have some, time please google and you might be surprised what you see in there.

  2. It is a pleasure to still work with you Fusi, you are an inspiration!

  3. mj says:

    A) I was arrested during an unauthorised section 252a of the criminal procedure act, 56/1977 :
    -a trap was forced and threatens to participte(plant money not hand it over to me )
    -officials involved fabricated evedance
    The operation originated from an official covering from a complaint made from an official covering for another after making a wrongfull arrest and putting a blame on me.

    B) Furthermore an addition charge of THEFT AND INTIMIDATION was added to intensify their arrest:
    The complaint was made by a drug dealer who provided wrong names and age when he was arrested and on opening the case provided correct names and nothing was done about it by the investigator.
    C) my cas has been provisionally withdrawn and was made to resign . I am frastrated and all that …

  4. ngiqale ngokubingelela emsakazweni i thetha f.m igama lami ngingu bekezela radebe. nginezinhlelo engifisa ukuthi ngizilethe emsakazweni ithetha f’m ziphathelene nomphakathi wonke jikilele wase mningizim africa manje angazi ukuthi ngizoyiletha kanjani. ngicela ukushiya imininingwani yami [073 488 9770] 011 079 42 97

  5. Sekunda says:

    To who ever it my concern i am hubly requesting for ur assistance.i have a brother who is in Jhb prison he has been arrested for a theft case that he did not do that i am sure of. he has been in custody for trail since 28/09/2010 every time he goes 2 count thy remand him for an interpretor for the two witness it is 3yrs now pls help in regard

    • Hello Sekunda,

      Please can you send some more information (case number, lawyer’s name and contact details, what court the trial is being heard at etc) to us and we will see if it is a matter we can assist with?

      You can email us on or you can send a letter to:
      Wits Justice Project
      Private Bag x 3

    • Sekunda says:

      Case number:531/08/2010 he is attending johannes’burg regional court no:12 the lawyer mr victor moleke matsepe.his next court date will be on 28 november 2013 and he is in jhb prison known as suncity his name is Petrus kativa pls help him

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